Linux Programming & Development Training

Whether you’re new to the Linux environment or looking for Linux programming courses that will take your skills to the next level, our Linux development training will help you get more out of your use of Linux. We teach the essential best practices through a series of rigorous programming exercises, live labs and hands-on instruction from Linux experts. While embedded development can be complex, embedded Linux training from The Linux Foundation gives developers an in-depth understanding of the Linux kernel architecture and reveals critical points of adapting the Linux kernel to an embedded application in a timely manner. Our Linux device driver training teaches developers about the various drivers available under Linux and provides the essential skills you need to rapidly and effectively create device drivers for Linux systems.

Course ID Title Duration

Introduction to Linux for Developers

Learn how to work in a Linux environment, including: manipulating files and directories, command shells, the roles of and choice of graphical environments and desktop managers, available tools for developing, monitoring and debugging and much more, including system maintenance.
2 Days

Developing with GIT

Learn the fundamental concepts behind the Git version control system. Practice how to create, manipulate and share Git repositories with hands-on lab exercises.
2 Days

Developing Applications For Linux

Learn how to develop for and bring applications to the Linux environment. Get up to speed quickly with the necessary tools for Linux application development and learn about special features offered by Linux.
5 Days

Linux Kernel Internals and Debugging

Learn the basic methods and internal infrastructure of the Linux kernel, grasping both the theoretical and practical underpinnings. Get introduced to the important tools used for debugging and monitoring the kernel.
5 Days

Developing Linux Device Drivers

Learn how to write Linux device drivers, about the specifics of different types of devices and drivers, and learn the appropriate APIs and methods through which devices interface with the kernel.
5 Days

Embedded Linux Development with Yocto Project

Obtain a solid understanding of embedded development using the Yocto Project, including the Poky Reference Distribution and Bitbake, the use of emulators, building images for multiple architectures and the creation of board support packages (BSP).
4 Days

Embedded Linux Development

Get advanced Linux training on the key steps to developing an embedded Linux product. Gain real world experience through extensive hands-on practice with target devices.
5 Days

Inside Android: An Intro to Android Internals

Android development training that provides a hands-on tour of the internals of the popular operating system for mobile and other devices. Attendees learn the ins and outs of the Android anatomy including the Android framework, hardware abstraction layer, the Binder inter-process communication and power management.
4 Days

Optimizing Linux Device Drivers for Power Efficiency

Learn how to develop/enhance power efficient device drivers for Linux systems.
4 Days

KVM for Developers

This course is designed to help application and hardware developers learn how to integrate KVM and QEMU into their products. Students will learn low-level information about the KVM kernel modules and the QEMU virtual machine monitor. Students will complete hands-on programming, profiling, and debugging labs.
4 days