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At the end of the course it’s just this ‘I can do it’ feeling. I may be slow to do it, but it now sounds totally possible.

Peter Senna Tschudin

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Watch the Free Linux Tutorial: Introduction to Embedded Linux

Read the Free Linux Training Publication: Migrating from QNX to Embedded Linux

Get advanced Linux training on the key steps to developing an embedded Linux product. Gain real world experience through extensive hands-on practice with target devices.

Course Description

Linux Foundation Training Program Director Jerry Cooperstein talks about our Embedded Linux Development courses.

Embedded Linux Development is designed to give experienced programmers a solid understanding of adapting the Linux kernel and customized user-space libraries and utilities to embedded applications such as those in use in consumer electronics, military, medical, industrial, and auto industries. This five day course includes extensive hands-on exercises and demonstrations designed to give you the necessary tools to develop an embedded Linux device. Upon mastering the material you will have a basic understanding of:

  • The Linux kernel architecture, with emphasis on the essential points needed to adapt the kernel to a custom embedded application
  • The techniques for right sizing the system to meet project constraints
  • The multitude of resources available for constructing a cross development environment for embedded projects
  • The options available for populating libraries and application user-spaces to meet the goals and constraints of embedded systems

You will step through all of these phases of Embedded Linux Development with laboratory exercises on an embedded target device to provide hands-on practice you can take directly back to your projects. The embedded target device kit will be provided by The Linux Foundation and students will get to take their own kit home for further practice.

Students are expected to provide their own computers for the class.

Course Materials

As part of your registration, a printed copy of the course manual will be mailed to you. Expect 3-5 days for US delivery and 7-10 days for international deliveries.

For more details view the Course Outline.


The course is primarily intended for experienced programmers and engineers who are interested in learning the fundamentals of adapting Linux to an embedded system, especially those who have been assigned to a team tasked with designing an embedded system. The purpose here is to shorten the learning curve by providing a guided tour of the relevant points within the architecture of Linux systems.


You should:

  • Be proficient in the C programming language.
  • Be familiar with basic Linux (Unix) utilities such as ls, rm, grep, tar, and have a familiarity with command shells and scripts.
  • Be comfortable using any of the available text editors (e.g. vi, emacs).
  • Know the basics of compiling and linking programs, constructing Makefiles, etc.; i.e. be comfortable doing application developing in a Linux or Unix environment.
  • Have a good understanding of systems programming in a Unix or Linux environment, at least from the standpoint of writing applications.
  • Experience with any major Linux distribution is helpful but not strictly required.

If you have a basic understanding of the top-level principles of cross development, where a host system is used to develop and compile software that runs on a different target system, it would be helpful.

The course will survey the wide range of CPUs supported by the Linux community that are used in embedded systems, as well as some other hardware components that have good support. The purpose is to introduce resources that can be used to guide component selection when designing embedded systems.

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