How to Participate with the Linux Community (LFD205) - Course Outline

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Course Outline

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  1. Introduction to the kernel development community
    • The role of the kernel
    • Where kernel code comes from
    • Some statistics on kernel development
  2. Why contribute to the kernel?
    • Reasons for companies to develop kernel code and get it upstream
  3. Licensing
    • The legal aspects to kernel development
  4. Overall principles of kernel development
    • Things developers and their managers need to keep in mind (Illustrated by success and failure stories)
  5. Kernel contribution mechanics
    • How code gets from developers to users
    • Subsystem trees and linux-next
    • The review process
  6. Practical suggestions 1: process interaction
    • What to do, what to avoid, for a good experience
  7. Practical suggestions 2: code development
    • Some technical suggestions on writing acceptable code
  8. Information sources
    • How to stay on top of kernel development
  9. Conclusion and questions

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