Implementation and Management of Open Source Compliance (LFC288) - Course Outline

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Course Outline

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  1. Course Introduction
  2. Open Source Basics
  3. What is Open Source Compliance?
  4. OSS Discovery & Disclosure
  5. The SPDXTM Specification
  6. OSS in Supplied Code
  7. Review and Approval
  8. Inputs to the Review
  9. What Do Reviewers Look at?
  10. Potential Review Outcomes
  11. Obligation Satisfaction
  12. Obligations of the GPLv2
  13. Code Distribution Mechanisms
  14. Compliance Inquiries
  15. Community Contributions
  16. Contribution Approval Process
  17. OSS Policy
  18. Compliance Staffing
  19. Estimating the Compliance Effort
  20. Adaptation of Business Processes
  21. Supply Chain Responsibilities
  22. Process FMEA
  23. Training
  24. Compliance Process Management
  25. Organizing the Compliance Function
  26. Compliance Metrics
  27. OSS Inventory / Recordkeeping
  28. Automation / Tool Support
  29. Verification Steps
  30. Process Adherence Audits
  31. Compliance Process Artifacts
  32. Where Do You Start?

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