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We needed someone who could fully engage with Ph.D.-level developers...we had no doubt that we’d found the right instructor.

Dana Krokosky, Compunetix

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Acquire the knowledge and skills needed to automate provisioning, configuration, software packaging, patching and OS release management in heterogeneous Linux environments.

Course Description

This Linux Enterprise Automation training will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to automate provisioning, configuration, patching and release management in your enterprise environment. This will let you minimize costs by reducing manual operations, will help ensure compliance across the data center, standardize your software infrastructure and accelerate deployments for your bare-metal and cloud infrastructures.

Heavily focused on enterprise needs, Linux Enterprise Automation is a hands-on course where we engage in both deeply technical as well as architecture-level reviews of open source automation tools currently available for major Linux distributions such as RHEL/Centos, Debian/Ubuntu and SUSE/OpenSUSE.

At the end of this four-day training, attendees will have acquired the skills needed to:

  • Act as key participants for architectural decisions involving data center automation
  • Understand advanced system administration concepts and techniques that take scalability, reproducibility and efficiency into account
  • Provision physical (bare-metal) and virtual hosts in a consistent and scalable way
  • Deploy configuration management tools in an heterogeneous Linux environment
  • Package software releases on both RPM and DPKG based systems
  • Plan, build and customize OS releases in your environment
  • Monitor the health and performance of deployed systems in an efficient and scalable way

Course Materials

As part of your registration, a printed copy of the course manual will be mailed to you. Expect 3-5 days for US delivery and 7-10 days for international deliveries.

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Technical IT professionals interested in finding cost-efficient ways to accelerate Linux deployments, reduce operation costs and minimize system installation overhead. System administrators and devops who want to learn ways to make their existing skills scale in larger Linux deployments, while reducing time spent on repetitive tasks. Architects will learn how to design enterprise environments to maximize investments and keep administrative costs to a minimum.


Attendees are expected to master typical system administration skills before attending this course. A good grasp of common scalability and system administration issues frequently encountered in enterprise environments is useful. Participants are expected to be well-versed in Linux command line usage, shell scripting and text file editing as covered in our free edX LFS101x">Introduction to Linux (LFS101x) and Linux System Administration (LF220) courses.

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