Linux Kernel Internals and Debugging (LFD320) - Course Outline

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Course Outline

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01: Introduction
02: Preliminaries
03: Kernel Architecture I
04: Kernel Programming Preview
05: Modules
06: Kernel Architecture II
07: Kernel Initialization
08: Kernel Configuration and Compilation
09: System Calls
10: Kernel Style and General Considerations
11: Race Conditions and Synchronization Methods
12: SMP and Threads
13: Processes
14: Process Limits and Capabilities **
15: Monitoring and Debugging
16: The proc Filesystem **
17: kprobes
18: Ftrace
19: Perf
20: Crash
21: Kernel Core Dumps
22: Scheduling Basics
23: Completely Fair Scheduler (CFS)
24: Timing Measurements
25: Kernel Timers
26: Memory Addressing
27: Huge Pages
28: Memory Allocation
29: Process Address Space
30: Disk Caches and Swapping
31: Device Drivers**
32: Signals
33: Notifiers**
34: CPU Frequency Scaling**
35: Embedded Linux**
36: Virtualization**
** These sections may be considered in part or in whole as optional. They contain either background reference material, specialized topics, or advanced subjects. The instructor may choose to cover or not cover them depending on classroom experience and time constraints.

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