Open Source Compliance Courses

The Linux Foundation’s open source compliance courses provide the requirements and industry best practices your organization will need to organize and manage a full-scale compliance program. Our open source compliance courses include compliance tools, self-assessment checklists, resource estimates, and common pitfalls that companies face when jumping into open source development.

Course ID Title Duration

Practical Guide to the Open Source Development Model

The goal of this course is to help organizations maximize their internal efficiency once they have decided to contribute to or create an open source project.

Open Source Compliance Programs - What You Must Know

Gain insight into industry best practices in organizing and managing the compliance function in this condensed open source compliance course delivered live via the internet. Pitfalls and common process challenges in establishing open source compliance programs will also be discussed.

Executive Review of Open Source Compliance

Learn about the framework for an open source compliance program, including: open source licensing basics, compliance requirements, and the consequences of non-compliance. In addition, organizing, managing and staffing for the compliance effort will also be discussed.

Overview of Open Source Compliance End-to-End Process

This open source compliance course will help your organization implement an open source compliance program by teaching you the fundamentals of open source development, licensing principles, compliance obligations, and the contributions needed from various functional groups, such as Executive Management, the Law Department, Supply Chain, Technical Documentation and Configuration Management.
1 Day

Implementation and Management of Open Source Compliance

Adapt compliance activities to your organization's needs with this comprehensive open source compliance course that provides in-depth guidance on implementing an open source compliance program. Course topics include: disclosure obligations, source code distribution mechanisms, corporate code contributions, adaptation of existing processes, open source compliance tools and automation and much more.
2 Days