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Gain insight into industry best practices in organizing and managing the compliance function in this condensed open source compliance course delivered live via the internet. Pitfalls and common process challenges in establishing open source compliance programs will also be discussed.

Course Description

LF272 discusses open source compliance requirements and industry best practices in organizing and managing the compliance function. Skillsets, roles and responsibilities, resource estimates, and operational practices, tools, and artifacts needed to achieve compliance will be surveyed. Pitfalls and common process challenges will also be discussed. The course material reviews additional resources available from The Linux Foundation to assist in implementing a full-scale compliance program, including comprehensive on-site training, open source compliance tools, self-assessment checklist, and community forum.

Please note: On-Site Linux Training is highly recommended to afford confidential and effective discussion of course material and its application to company practices. Instructor-led live remote training is also available

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LF272 will be useful for both novices seeking to understand the breadth and depth of a compliance program early in a compliance initiative and experienced compliance managers, attorneys, and others interested in benchmarking their compliance programs against industry best practices. Typical attendees might include evangelists for open source compliance, existing or prospective compliance managers and members of a company’s open source review board, members of the law department, supply chain, IT, engineering, product management organizations, and process and quality managers. LF272 provides an overview of open source compliance. Potential attendees who are interested in a detailed and interactive discussion of implementation issues in constructing compliance programs should consider the one-day and two-day compliance training options. Learn more about all of our Open Compliance training courses.


The course assumes familiarity with the existence of open source software and open source software licenses and the benefits of using open source. Instruction focuses on operational issues in compliance and does not provide legal advice.

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