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...thanks to The Linux Foundation we have a very clear idea of how to identify and comply with existing open source software...and what we need to do to participate in Linux and the community...

Steve Comfort, Altech UEC

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Understand and learn how to deploy a private cloud using the OpenStack project, implement a state-of-the-art private cloud design, learn about cloud computing benefits and challenges seen in today’s enterprise environments.

Course Description

This OpenStack cloud architecture training will let you gain a deep and practical understanding of the benefits and challenges associated with cloud computing and how to address them at the design stage of your projects. We use the components of the OpenStack project to expose students to cloud deployment best practices and reference example cloud implementations, providing valuable insight for anyone building a new cloud environment.

This OpenStack Cloud Architecture and Deployment course provides practical knowledge around fundamental OpenStack components such as Compute (Nova), Image Service (Glance), Identity (Keystone), Block Storage (Cinder) and Dashboard (Horizon). In addition, to make this course as complete and relevant as possible, we also cover several OpenStack building blocks used for object storage, networking, monitoring and orchestration. Through lab sessions, we make sure that every participant has a chance to put the concepts taught in this course into practice.

The Linux Foundation collaborated with an extensive network of cloud experts in the community to make this course focused on Linux-based technologies such as the KVM hypervisor, while at the same time exposing participants to technologies such as Xen. Open-source system automation tools covered in our Linux Enterprise Automation course such as Puppet and Chef are also put to use in a cloud context. Cloud deployment best practices and various types of cloud implementations are extensively discussed in order to give you real world references and make your cloud strategy a resounding success.

At the end of this class you will:

  • Be in a position to configure the various OpenStack components to create your own reliable and scalable private cloud infrastructure
  • Understand how a cloud-based IT infrastructure differs from a conventional data center design
  • Be familiar with the terminology used by cloud professionals and understand OpenStack-related concepts
  • Be in position to deploy a private cloud environment based on OpenStack
  • Understand the various Linux networking, storage, configuration and provisioning techniques available in the enterprise world, especially the ones that are part of the OpenStack project
  • Be able to evaluate the security risks associated with cloud computing and how to address them

Course Materials

As part of your registration, a printed copy of the course manual will be mailed to you. Expect 3-5 days for US delivery and 7-10 days for international deliveries.

For more details view the Course Outline.


This course is designed for architects, system administrators, devops and technical personnel operating on the Linux platform and interested in designing, building, maintaining and managing a cloud computing infrastructure based on OpenStack. IT professionals involved in sales and marketing who may want to improve their understanding of cloud concepts and their ability to communicate with cloud professionals will also greatly benefit from this course.


A working knowledge of Linux system administration, network management, storage devices and problems commonly encountered in enterprise environments is helpful in-order to get the most out of this cloud architecture and deployment course. We assume that all attendees have at least some experience with system administration under Linux, both in the graphical and text mode environments.

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