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The willingness of the Linux Foundation to customize the course to our needs was the biggest determining factor for choosing them.

Matthew Cheng, Broadcom

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Watch the Free Linux Tutorial: Linux Performance Data Collection Tips

Gain a high level understanding of the standard tuning and monitoring interfaces available in the majority of current Linux distributions. Identify the factors that can lead to performance degradations in your Linux environment. Apply changes to the kernel tuning interface and maximize the hardware utilization and performance of your applications.

Course Description

This one-day course is a condensed version of our full four-day class, LF426 - Advanced Linux Performance Tuning. In this instructor-led training we cover the concepts and strategies that will let you tune your systems and achieve substantial performance improvements. We focus on essential topics that will let students gain a basic understanding of which knobs and interfaces are available on any recent Linux system and how we can modify them to maximize performance. Technical discussions of the default kernel behaviors are included and scenarios where manual optimization is required are presented throughout the class.

Via instructor-led demonstrations, students have the opportunity to explore how various state-of-the-art performance monitoring tools can be leveraged to identify performance hotspots, bottlenecks and possible areas that can improve performance.

A strong focus on enterprise environments is applied in order to ensure that the acquired skills can be immediately transposed to the student’s workplace. Our instructors’ practical experience in the industry allow us to apply real-world performance challenges and scenarios to class discussions and explain how these cases were successfully resolved.

Course Materials

As part of your registration, a printed copy of the course manual will be mailed to you. Expect 3-5 days for US delivery and 7-10 days for international deliveries.

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System administrators and architects, developers of native applications and anyone involved with technical support of Linux systems and applications will benefit from the concepts acquired in this class.


We expect students to be experienced Linux users. Familiarity with local system administration concepts covered in LFS220 - Linux Administration is required and we assume that the audience is comfortable with standard command line utilities used for file and process management, file editing, and basic shell scripting. This course also builds upon concepts and tools acquired in LFS230 - Linux Network Management.

Students will be expected to follow demonstrations provided by the instructor. Experience with a major Linux distribution and its associated package management system is greatly recommended.

Having a good understanding of the basic hardware components found on recent server platforms will be helpful. Likewise, basic familiarity with software development will be useful but not strictly required.

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