On-Site Linux Training Policy

Facilities and Hardware

If you are supplying the classroom and hardware, you need to follow the On-Site Linux Training Facility Requirements we have established.  These lay out the minimum level of hardware for student and instructor machines, projection devices, networking etc.

We cannot be responsible if material in the class cannot be delivered effectively due to insufficient hardware.  Likewise, we cannot be responsible for defective hardware that interferes with a successful class.

Installation and Setup

As described in the On-Site Linux Training Facility Requirement document, a clean install on an empty hard drive is usually the best method. Our instructors are experienced at coming early on the first day and accomplishing a full installation before class starts.  A particular installation method or a particular Linux distribution request may require more setup time.  We will do our best to make sure the first day's class is not delayed, but doing this properly requires that you communicate your exact constraints and/or preferences to us in advance so that a good plan can be made in advance of class.

If you prefer to do installation before the class, that is perfectly acceptable, but please communicate with us in advance about required software packages etc.  For all classes we must have the ability to install software on the classroom computers.  If this presents a problem, please contact us so we can find an effective solution.

Student attendance

When a class is held on-site, attendees are often pulled away for other matters such as meetings, catching up with email and handling technical problems or other emergencies.  Distraction from the class can be a significant problem and we encourage you make efforts to let students engage fully in the class.  We cannot be expected to make special accommodations for a student who misses significant portions of the sessions, as this places a burden on everyone else.  However, if the entire group requests some schedule shifting to accomodate pressing local needs, we will do our best to accommodate such requests.

If you have any questions please contact us.

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