I lost my bookmark. Does this mean I have to start the course over?

When first launching your course after the transition you’ll notice that your bookmark has been lost. Simply use the menu to manually advance to the last completed page in order to resume your course.

Will the exam content change on the new system?

There are no changes to the exam items or exam environment. The number of available retakes will remain the same.

Will the migration affect how long I have access to my course?

The length of time you will have access to the course is not affected by the migration to the new platform.

Why am I not receiving my emails from the certification team?

To ensure emails from our new systems continue to reach your inbox, please white-list our email address: Training@linuxfoundation.org and check your Spam folder after service resumes.

Where can I get more information about the new system?

You can learn important instructions regarding training and certification here.

How can I manage my 'My Portal' profile?

You will find the option to manage your ‘My Portal’ profile here:


You will also find your past training, certification, events and transaction history on this page.