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Requirements for Public Instructor-Led Training

Unless specified otherwise, students are expected to provide their own systems in both classroom and online Linux classes. You can check your system compatibility with our online system check tool, which will advise you for each class as far as:

  • Specific hardware requirements
  • Acceptable Linux distributions
  • Whether virtual machines are acceptable
  • Specific software required and how to install it


  • x86 64-bit processor, 2 GHz Core Duo or better
  • 2GB RAM minimum


A normal installation of any major recent distribution (such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu, SUSE Enterprise Linux, openSUSE, CentOS, Fedora, Debian, or Mint) will give you almost all necessary tools, and the instructor and course manual can provide guidance on missing ingredients, if necessary. All classes require root access (administrator or superuser) either through a root account or sudo privilege. However, please beware that we can’t be responsible if your system winds up getting damaged. This warning is particularly important for classes in Kernel Internals and Device Drivers, where you will be compiling and installing kernels and kernel modules. Such operating system damage, while rare, is still possible. You may wish to do a fresh installation of a 64-bit Enterprise Linux Distribution, perhaps on a fresh partition, and we can offer suggestions in advance of class on how to do this.

Most (but not all) classes can be done easily using virtualized machines, in which case memory and processor requirements tend to be more robust. We can provide you with pre-configured virtual machine images before the class, or you can establish your own.

Online/Virtual Connectivity & Software

We use BlueJeans for both the screen share and the audio. You will need a headset with microphone if you are to use BlueJeans for the audio component of the class. You do not need to have a camera in use, just the screen share and audio.

Thank you for your interest in Linux Foundation training and certification. We think we can better serve you from our China Training site. To access this site please click below.

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