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OpenJS Node.js Certification Exams Now Available in Chinese

July 31, 2020Announcements

The OpenJS Node.js Application Developer (JSNAD) and OpenJS Node.js Services Developer (JSNSD) certification exams have become a highly sought after credential for web application and services developers around the world. Launched in October 2019 by the Linux Foundation and the OpenJS Foundation, the performance-based, verifiable certification exams help instill confidence and make it simple for potential employers to trust that a candidate possesses the necessary skills to be successful. 

China has one of the largest populations of Node.js users in the world, but until now these certifications were out of reach for those who are not fluent in English. We are pleased to announce that the two exams have been translated into Chinese, and are now available, along with a native speaking proctor.

The JSNAD certification is designed for anyone looking to demonstrate competence with Node.js to create applications of any kind, with a focus on knowledge of Node.js core APIs. The JSNSD certification is designed for anyone looking to demonstrate competence in creating RESTful Node.js Servers and Services (or Microservices) with a particular emphasis on security practices. Both exams are conducted online with remote proctoring, take two hours to complete, and are performance-based, meaning test takers perform tasks and solve problems in real world situations. 

The exam content was developed in partnership with NearForm and NodeSource. The Chinese translated versions were supported by a Node.js project collaborator in China: Khaidi Chu from the Node.js infrastructure team at Alibaba. 

A prep course is offered for JSNAD, Node.js Application Development, though this remains only in English. 

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