Success Story: Kubernetes Training and Certification Leads to a Consulting Career

By May 19, 2020Announcements

Leonardo Gonçalves da Silva had worked with Linux and open source for 20 years, including contributing to several projects. He was looking to shift his career towards cloud development based on Linux and the Kubernetes framework. He plans to use the scholarship to take the Kubernetes Fundamentals course to provide better service to his clients. In 2017, Leonardo heard about the Linux Foundation Training (LiFT) Scholarship program and submitted an application.

Based on his outstanding experience and contributions to the community, Leonardo was selected as the recipient of a SysAdmin Super Star scholarship, which enabled him to enroll in the Kubernetes Fundamentals training course and to take the Certified Kubernetes Administrator exam.

We followed up with Leonardo recently to hear what he’s been up to since completing his Linux Foundation training.

Linux Foundation: What was the most useful thing you learned through this training?

Leonardo: As a recipient of the LiFT scholarship, I had the opportunity to take the Kubernetes training offered by the Linux Foundation. This training was excellent and I had the chance to learn a lot. At that moment I only had superficial knowledge about Kubernetes but with the training, I had a chance to deep dive into this technology.  

The most useful thing I learned was how to utilize every resource available on the platform to create great applications. 

LF: Has your job changed since receiving the scholarship?

LS: I’m now working as a Kubernetes consultant, helping many different kinds of customers with their Kubernetes journeys.

LF: How was your certification experience?

LS: After completing the training, I attempted the Certified Kubernetes Administrator test and I was able to pass with a 94% score. This was great for my career because the market has great respect for certified professionals.

2020 LiFT scholarship applications have closed, and winners will be announced in late June.