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2023 State of Tech Talent Report Released

July 13, 2023Announcements

Linux Foundation Training & Certification together with Linux Foundation Research have released of the 2023 State of Tech Talent Report: Acquiring and Retaining Technical Talent in 2023. The full report with graphics is available for download here.

Key Findings

The 2023 State of Tech Talent Report provides valuable insights into the current and future technology staffing requirements and skills needed within organizations. This report is based on a global survey conducted by Linux Foundation Training & Certification and Linux Foundation Research in February and March 2023 of over 400 hiring managers and staffing professionals addressing the needs of both end-user organizations and technology providers. 

Impact of economic concerns
One of the report’s key findings is the impact of economic concerns on technical hiring plans. More than 50% of organizations surveyed reported revising their hiring plans by freezing new positions. This is likely due to the ongoing global economic uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and other factors, including inflation and geopolitical conflicts.

Demand for skilled technical talent
More organizations plan to increase their technical staff than decrease. This is a positive sign for those seeking employment in the tech industry. The demand for skilled tech talent remains strong, particularly in newer areas such as cloud / containers, cybersecurity, and AI / ML. Respondents identified these areas as the primary focus for hiring in 2023.

Shift in technical roles
Another interesting finding is the shift in the types of technical roles being hired for. While senior technical roles have seen the biggest job cuts, new hiring focuses more on developers and IT management. This suggests organizations seek skilled individuals who can contribute to project implementation, management, and technical development.

Training and upskilling
To address the changing hiring landscape, training and upskilling are becoming increasingly important strategies for organizations. The report highlights that 70% of organizations surveyed provide training opportunities for their existing technical staff on new technologies. This is a positive sign, as it suggests a commitment by organizations to the ongoing development of their employees and keeping their staff up to date with the latest technologies and practices.

Recruitment and upskilling
Upskilling is also becoming more important for recruitment purposes. When unable to find suitable technical candidates, organizations train existing employees more often than hiring consultants. This suggests that organizations recognize the value of investing in their existing staff and the challenges of finding the right external candidates.

Certification and pre-employment testing
Respondents felt that certification and pre-employment testing are necessary to verify skills to address the challenges of finding the right candidate. This tool is useful to ensure organizations hire the right people for the job. It also gives candidates a clear understanding of the skills they must demonstrate to succeed in the role.

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