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DevOps Bootcamp to Lower Barrier to Entry for Technology Roles

October 12, 2021Announcements

New online bootcamp from The Linux Foundation and Continuous Delivery Foundation covers key DevOps principles and practices; includes newly announced DevSecOps training

SAN FRANCISCO – October 12, 2021The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization enabling mass innovation through open source, and the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF), the open-source software foundation that seeks to improve the world’s capacity to deliver software with security and speed, have announced the immediate availability of a new DevOps Bootcamp to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to utilize DevOps principles and practices – including DevSecOps and GitOps – in a variety of technology roles in as little as six months.

The recently released 2021 Open Source Jobs Report found that 88% of technology professionals surveyed use DevOps practices in their work, reflecting that it is no longer optional to understand these topics. This bootcamp starts with an introduction to DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), then moves into specific DevOps toolsets like Jenkins, and finishes with more advanced topics including GitOps and DevSecOps principles and practices.

The program is designed for existing and aspiring developers, operations personnel, engineers and others involved in software development, delivery, deployment, and maintenance. While the program does cover some specific tools such as Jenkins, it is not intended to train users on specific toolsets. The DevOps space has a wide variety of tools which are used in many combinations by organizations. As a result, candidates are best served by taking tool specific training as and when needed. This program instead focuses on the overarching practices and competencies required to operate in a continuously developed and deployed architecture. 

The new bootcamp can be completed in around six months with 10-15 hours per week of effort. The courses included in the program are:

Included in the DevOps Bootcamp is the all new Implementing DevSecOps (LFS262) course, which will become available later in Q4. It is recommended that this course be completed last in the program, meaning it should be available before participants reach that portion of the bootcamp. The new course, which will be available standalone in addition to its inclusion in the DevOps Bootcamp, is designed for software developers, site reliability engineers, and DevOps practitioners looking to speed up delivery of more secure code. It focuses on automating security and incorporating it as part of the process, including continuous delivery, Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC), and observability. The goal is to help participants deliver safer, more reliable code faster. 

Bootcamp participants will also have access to a bootcamp-specific online forum to interact with other students and instructors, as well as live virtual office hours with course instructors four days per week. Candidates have unlimited access to the program for 12 months. Upon completion of all five courses and their final exams, participants will receive a verifiable certificate of completion and shareable online badge.

“DevOps has become the standard way that software is developed and deployed in production, making skills in DevOps essential for anyone working in the industry,” said Clyde Seepersad, SVP, and general manager of training & certification at The Linux Foundation. “There is a significant shortage of technology talent worldwide, in addition to challenges around upskilling existing professionals who are used to traditional development methodologies. Our goal in creating this bootcamp is to lower the barrier of entry for those new to the technology industry and also provide a straightforward and structured way for existing professionals to update their skills.”

“Implementation of continuous delivery techniques varies widely by industry and requires case-by-case understanding of your own unique development environment. The Linux Foundation continues to provide high quality courses for software developers who want a better understanding of the continuous delivery landscape, and this DevOps Bootcamp is an excellent way to turbocharge your understanding and proficiency,” said Tracy Miranda, Executive Director of the Continuous Delivery Foundation. “By enrolling in the DevOps Bootcamp, within just a half year, you will be able to better evaluate and implement a solution that meets your DevOps needs.”

The DevOps Bootcamp is available for immediate enrollment. Through October 19, 2021, the new bootcamp is being offered at an introductory price of $525 with offer code DEVOPS30, a 30% discount over standard pricing of $750.

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