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Lock in Best Pricing of the Year on Linux Foundation Training & Certification for Cyber Monday

November 29, 2021Announcements

As we approach a new year, this is the perfect time to consider what you want your career to look like in 2022. Job openings are at record highs, and this is especially true in the IT field, where the 2021 Open Source Jobs Report found that 92% of hiring managers are unable to find enough talent to meet their organizations’ needs. A primary mission of The Linux Foundation is helping close the talent gap so the industry has the talent necessary to carry out digital transformation activities and continue innovating, while also creating accessible pathways for anyone who wants to start an IT career to do so.

We are excited to once again offer our best pricing of the year on our entire catalog of training courses, certification exams, bundled programs, and bootcamps for Cyber Monday. From now through December 6, 2021, all these fantastic offerings covering hot topics like cloud computing, system administration, networking, blockchain, web development, embedded systems, and more are available at significantly reduced cost. As the home of some of the most important open source technologies like Kubernetes, Linux, Node.js, Hyperledger, and more, The Linux Foundation provides vendor-neutral training directly from the experts helping build these projects.

This year’s Cyber Monday offers include:

Bootcamps (Save 65%. Use Code: CYBER21BC)

PowerBundles (Save 65%. Use Code: CYBER21PB)

Pricing:  Pricing is $399 (regularly $1,150)

  1. LF258+CKA with LFD259+CKAD
  2. LFS200+LFCA with LFS201+LFCS 
  3. LFS258+CKA+LFS260+CKS
  4. LFS250+KCNA+LFS258+CKA

Bundles (Save 65%. Use Code: CYBER21BUN)

Pricing:  Pricing is $199 (regularly $575) except LFCA+LFS200 and KCNA+LFS250 are $105 (regularly $299)

  1. CKA+LFS258 – Kubernetes Admin
  2. LFCS+LFS201 – Linux SysAdmin
  3. CKS+LFS260 – Kubernetes Security
  4. CKA+CKS – Kubernetes Administration and Security
  5. LFD259+CKAD – Kubernetes Developer
  6. JSNAD+LFW211 – Node.js. Application Developer
  7. JSNSD+LFW212 – Node.js Services Developer
  8. LFS272+CHFA – Hyperledger Fabric Admin
  9. LFD272+CHFD – Hyperledger Fabric Developer
  10. LFS232+CFCD – Cloud Foundry Developer

Bundles (Save 65%. Use Code: CYBER21NEW)

Pricing:  Pricing is $105 (regularly $299) for LFCA+LFS200 and KCNA+LFS250; $149 (regularly $425) for LFCA+KCNA

  1. LFCA+ LFS200 – Entry-Level IT
  2. KCNA+LFS250 – Entry-Level Cloud Native
  3. KCNA + LFCA – Entry-Level IT and Cloud Native

Certifications (Save 50%. Use Code: CYBER21CC)

Pricing: Pricing is $187.50 (regularly $375) for most certifications; $125 (regularly $250) for LFCA and KCNA

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You can check out the full details of everything that is on offer on our Cyber Monday Landing Page. Begin your journey to a long-term, successful career in IT today!

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