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Update on Certification Exam Proctoring Migration

June 30, 2022August 30th, 2022Announcements

On June 25, 2022, The Linux Foundation migrated the CKA, CKAD and CKS programs from PSI’s ExamsLocal proctoring platform to PSI Bridge, as candidates were notified about beginning last year, and reminded of last month. There were no changes to the exam content. The major changes are that candidates:

  1. No longer need to share their desktop with the proctor
  2. Check themselves in without having to wait for a proctor
  3. Can only have one active monitor (either built in or external)
  4. Will now use the PSI Secure Browser instead of Chrome

We recognize that our advance communication did not adequately notify all users and apologize for any surprise and inconvenience caused. The introduction of the secure browser improves privacy (candidates no longer have to share their desktop), promotes equity (all candidates now take the exam using identical environments) and  enhances the integrity of the exam by requiring the candidates to remain in the secure browser for the entirety of their session (instead of having access to local services, personal bookmarks, etc.). Within the secure browser candidates will see a new user interface, with a Linux (XFCE) Remote Desktop within which they can access allowed documentation, open multiple terminals (without having to rely on tmux), change font sizes and colors, etc. 

In the days following the migration, some candidates encountered issues which are outlined below. Our engineers and support team have resolved the issues flagged to date. We continue to improve the exam user interface and resolve problems reported to our support team. To report an issue or make a request please open a ticket at:  

Lag  Exams provisioned on 06/25 and 06/26 did NOT provision from the AWS region closest to the candidate’s geographical location, which caused high latency issues. This issue is now resolved.

Some lag is expected in a remote-desktop/VNC connection environment, such as when moving windows or scrolling through pages like CNCF documentation.

We will continue to monitor latency reports and will expand into new AWS regions as needed.

Copy/Paste and Keyboard Shortcuts  The Linux Remote Desktop is a traditional Linux Environment and candidates need to use Linux Keyboard Shortcuts.

The Terminal is a Linux Terminal, and candidates need to use Linux Terminal keyboard shortcuts


Paste = CTRL+SHIFT+V for Paste

OR Use the Right Click Context Menu and select Copy or Paste

YAML Formatting Issues when Copy/Paste from CNCF Documentation into VIM   This is a known VIM configuration behavior, and candidates need to :set paste before pasting the content into VIM. We implemented a VIM configuration change on 06/29 to mitigate this behavior.
Personal Bookmarks/ Chrome Browser Not Available The Linux Remote Desktop includes a Firefox Browser; candidates are prohibited from accessing all sites except those listed in our Resources Allowed Policy.

Personal browser bookmarks (such as bookmarked links to YAML files) are not accessible within the PSI Secure Browser.

All Exam items have been updated with “Documentation Quick Links”, which provide links to the official Kubernetes documentation related to a handful of Kubernetes topics that might be required to solve a task.

The Kubernetes documentation pages have been carefully selected to fit the topics and typically provide one or more YAML files that might help kickstart working on a task.

PSI Check-in Process Instead of relying on a proctor, Candidates now perform self check-in at Exam launch time (or up to 30 minutes prior to exam time). These steps are documented in our Candidate Handbook.

A PSI Check In Specialist will review and approve check-in assets (files uploaded by the candidate) and where necessary request that candidates resubmit photos or videos as needed.

Exam Environment Preview (


The CKA,  CKAD and CKS simulators have  been updated to reflect the new user interface and remote desktop. 

Candidates are encouraged to review the Important Exam Instructions, FAQs and Candidate Handbook published on our website AND linked to from the candidate’s exam preparation checklist.

These resources are where candidates can become familiar with the system requirements, link to the PSI Bridge System check and get an overview of the Take Exam Process, and all exam rules and policies. 

Thank you for your continued support,

The Linux Foundation Training & Certification Team

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