Linux Foundation Proctoring Platform – Migrating to PSI Bridge

The Linux Foundation will transition our Certification Programs from PSI’s ExamsLocal platform to their new proctoring platform, PSI Bridge, beginning in August 2021.  There are no changes to the exam itself (i.e. no changes to the exam items or exam environment).

This change will include a new PSI dashboard and features to improve our candidate’s exam scheduling and exam launch experience: 

  • Candidates can start the “Take Exam” Process 30 minutes prior to their scheduled date/time (currently 15mins on PSI ExamsLocal platform)
  • Self check-in: no need to wait for  a proctor in order to upload your ID and scan your environment
  • The exam will now be taken using the PSI Secure Browser, which can be downloaded using the newest versions of Microsoft Edge, Safari, Chrome, or Firefox
  • Multiple monitors will no longer be permitted
  • Use of personal bookmarks will no longer be permitted

While we complete each transition, the Program (e.g. COP, LFCS, CKA) will be unavailable for several days (See table below).
During this period candidates will be unable to either schedule or take an exam.

When is my program transitioning to PSI Bridge?

The schedule to transition each program to PSI Bridge, is outlined in the table below.

During the Program Outage dates, candidates will be unable to make any changes to their exams (including scheduling or cancelling/rescheduling exams).
Candidates can resume scheduling and taking exams on the “Program Resumes” date.

Once a program has transitioned to the Bridge Platform, all exams scheduled to occur on or after the Program Resumes Date will launch on the new PSI Proctoring Platform (Bridge).

Program Outage

Program Resumes on PSI Bridge

COP August 05, 2021 – August 12, 2021 August 13, 2021
JSNAD September 09, 2021 – September 16, 2021 September 17, 2021
JSNSD September 09, 2021 – September 16, 2021 September 17, 2021

If I have an exam scheduled, do I need to do anything?

If you were already scheduled to take an exam during the Program Outage, you were notified that your reservation was cancelled automatically. You can reschedule (prior to the Program Outage period) by going to the LF Training Portal, and completing the scheduling steps in the Exam Preparation Checklist, or, you can wait until the Program Resumes date, to proceed with re-scheduling your exam.

If I have not yet scheduled an exam, what should I do? 

If you have not yet scheduled your exam, you may do so in the LF Training Portal ( prior to the Program Outage date. If you do not schedule your exam by then, you will simply need to wait until the transition is complete and scheduling has resumed on the Program Resumes date.

Can I schedule an exam, if my exam program transition date is still undefined?

Yes, you can continue to schedule your exam, as normal, by logging into the LF Training Portal ( and following the required steps in the Exam Preparation checklist.  We will notify you by email, and instruct you to reschedule your exam IF it conflicts with any future program outages we set.

How can I prepare for the new proctoring platform (Bridge)? 

  • The PSI Bridge Platform: System Requirements should be reviewed, to ensure your machine will meet the online system proctoring requirements
  • Candidates should run the Online Proctoring System Check provided by PSI to ensure their machine meets the technical requirements for taking a proctored exam
    • This system check will install the PSI Secure Browser, which will be used to launch your exam on the date/time of your scheduled test
    • Dual monitors will not be permitted
  • The PSI Dashboard (where you schedule the exam) has a different UI – but is very user-friendly and candidates should have no problems with scheduling or canceling/rescheduling exams
  • Use of browser bookmarks will no longer be permitted
  • The proctoring check-in process will begin with Self Check-In steps (you will not need to wait for a proctor) – these steps include:
    • Candidate takes a “Selfie” & uploads to PSI
    • Candidate takes a video of their workspace and testing environment & uploads to PSI
    • Candidate captures a photo of their ID & uploads to PSI
  • Once you’ve completed your exam with PSI, you will be able to  uninstall the executable files for the PSI Secure Browser.
    • Windows 10:  remove  it from the Apps and Features or use the following instructions:  uninstall process for Windows
    • MacOS: move it to the trash, or use the following instructions: uninstall process for Mac
    • Ubuntu: click the Installed tab, select the app you wish to uninstall, and hit the Remove button