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Source Control Management with Git (SC102)

This credential demonstrates a user’s foundational knowledge of Git.

Who Is It For

The Git SkillCred is for anyone interested in gaining a credential in Git to further their career.
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About This SkillCred

Skillcreds allow you to get the credentials you need, when you need them, and on the topics that are relevant to your career.
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What It Demonstrates

The Git SkillCred demonstrates a user’s ability to work with repositories and branches as well as inspect, update, merge, and rebase content within the repositories.
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Domain & Competencies
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Source Control Management with Git100%
Clone and initialize repositories
Stage and snapshot changes
Branch and tag repositories
Reconcile changes
Inspect and compare commits
Work with remote repositories
Undo changes and modify commits
Use temporary commits

Exam Details & Resources
This exam is an online, proctored, performance-based and/or multiple-choice exam.
There are no pre-requisites for this credential.
Mar 2024
The exam covered most of the normal day-to-day operations in Git.
Jan 2024
It's great that it's hands-on, and you have a real Linux environment to run your commands from.
Nov 2022
Exam was good in terms of the git topic, which was properly covered in the provided domains of the exam. I liked it as it is really a combined hands-on and choices exam wherein solving the choices exam would give more time for the examinee for other practical or hands-on items.
Nov 2022
It was good overall and I think it was for the experienced git users, being able to handle the needs on ones repositories and handle conflicts, and any other issues encountered mostly in git like merge and handling commits.
Nov 2022
I liked the fast format that doesn't need to be scheduled. You can take when you have time.