Why Hire A Linux Foundation Certified Sysadmin or Engineer

Hiring top Linux talent is critical to many businesses, but it can also be tricky to determine which applicants are truly skilled and experienced. Linux Foundation certifications help to remove those technical question marks, and here's how:


ico lfc skilled


Our exams were developed with input from members of the Linux community across the globe, including people from major tech firms. This community-based approach to exam-writing has resulted in test questions that delve into the skills and knowledge that are in demand in today's enterprise IT environments, from basic system administration skills to virtualization.

ico lfc relevant


These exams are taken from the command line - no multiple choice. That means that candidates are tested on the same things that they would normally do at work, not just what they managed to memorize. When a candidate receives a Linux Foundation certification, it's because they demonstrated real, applicable skills and abilities that translate perfectly into the workplace.

ico lfc current


We require all certifications to be renewed every two years. That means that when you hire someone with an active Linux Foundation certification, their skills are current and applicable. And we sourced all the questions from our global community of Linux experts to ensure that the skills we test are the skills that are used in the workplace every day.



We intentionally maintain a separation between our Training and Certification programs and use an independent proctoring solution to monitor candidates. People who receive a Linux Foundation certification will never be in a situation where their exam is proctored by the same person who taught the class, ensuring that certification is achieved completely on the merits of the candidate.

Are you interested in purchasing multiple certification exams to help you find the right talent? Send us an email at certification@linuxfoundation dot org.

If you would like to confirm the validity of a Linux Foundation certification, please use our Verification Tool.