How Engineering Leaders Can Use The Yocto Project to Solve Common Embedded Linux Challenges

While the products engineering teams make are vastly different, for engineering leaders, there are a core set of challenges which typically keep them awake at night.

Whether you are considering Linux-based system development for the first time, or are looking for a better approach after having learned your initial lessons, chances are that you are facing a multitude of common challenges, including:

  • Controlling your Linux operating system stack
  • Maintenance
  • Build system and tooling
  • Open source licensing requirements
  • Support
  • Ramping up and scaling your organization

In this Linux publication, we explore how the Yocto Project can help you and your engineering team get the next product development project off the ground faster and be in better position to finish it successfully, on time and within budget.

Author: Rudolf Streif, The Linux Foundation

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