Linux Tutorial: Linux How To: Getting Started Using Linux

This tutorial provides a short introduction to the first steps needed in order to get started with Linux. In this session we look at distributions available in the Linux community, how to install Linux and basic guidelines on how to use your new operating system.

About Dominic Duval

Dominic DuvalDominic Duval is the director of Enterprise Training at the Linux Foundation. He spent the last few years in the financial industry, helping Morgan Stanley and, more recently, Goldman Sachs with their vast and complex Linux deployments. As a kernel developer, Dominic started bridging the gap between enterprise environments and the Linux community more than a decade ago by writing and presenting several Linux trainings to corporate audiences. His collaboration with Red Hat Global Learning Services allowed him to deliver trainings to thousands of people and gain a privileged understanding of the needs of corporate users, especially in high performance environments.


This tutorial is no longer available. If you're interested in learning how to use Linux, check out our completely free online course Introduction to Linux.


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