Linux Tutorial: Linux Performance Analysis With Perf

Tuning systems and applications for speed requires tools to gain visibility into the performance hotspots that will yield the largest improvements. Perf, which we cover in this tutorial, constitute one of the latest addition to the Linux world in the field of performance analysis. As an built-in performance profiler, perf lets us easily gain access to various performance counters and metrics needed to optimize software performance under Linux. In this presentation we briefly expose some the strategies and techniques used in high performance environments and discussed at length in our Linux Advanced Performance Tuning class.

About Dominic Duval

Dominic DuvalDominic Duval is the director of Enterprise Training at the Linux Foundation. He spent the last few years in the financial industry, helping Morgan Stanley and, more recently, Goldman Sachs with their vast and complex Linux deployments. As a kernel developer, Dominic started bridging the gap between enterprise environments and the Linux community more than a decade ago by writing and presenting several Linux trainings to corporate audiences. His collaboration with Red Hat Global Learning Services allowed him to deliver trainings to thousands of people and gain a privileged understanding of the needs of corporate users, especially in high performance environments.

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  • The systems administration course filled in the gaps and had a major impact on both my personal and career development.
    Noveck Gowandan, eLearning Systems Adminstrator, University of the West Indies
  • My company can't wait for myself or someone on my team to figure out everything we need to be successful with Yocto. If you haven't used Yocto or want to really learn Yocto on a deeper level, this course is very good and teaches you everything you need to know.
    Peter Kjellerstedt, Senior Software Engineer, Axis Communications
  • We needed someone who could fully engage with Ph.D.-level developers...we had no doubt that we’d found the right instructor.
    Dana Krokosky, Compunetix
  • I wanted to be sure that the information received was from a group that has some exposure to Linux at an intimate level.
    Derald Woods, OmniMetrix
  • The training was very impressive. Many employees said to me how helpful it is to understand OSS compliance, especially the structure and organization.
    Large International Consumer Electronics Company
  • All of our questions regarding OSS compliance were answered completely by the instructor. We now have a better idea of what we need to do going forward to ensure we are compliant with the many open source licenses in play today.
    Large Consumer Electronics Company
  • They really had the best credibility out there, and they were flexible and tailored the class to what I needed for my developers.
    Paul Beer, Optelian
  • ...thanks to The Linux Foundation we have a very clear idea of how to
    identify and comply with existing open source software...and what we
    need to do to participate in Linux and the community...
    Steve Comfort, Altech UEC
  • Every Linux device developer needs to have in-depth understanding of power management. This course provides a systematic understanding of the concepts, design and development and helped me understand how to debug a device driver. The course has saved me a lot of time in analyzing problems and allowed me to deliver results at faster rate.
    Babu Ramesh, System Software Engineer at Intel
  • At the end of the course it’s just this ‘I can do it’ feeling. I may be slow to do it, but it now sounds totally possible.
    Peter Senna Tschudin