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LFD259 + Cloud & Containers Kubernetes for Developers (LFD259) Learn how to containerize, host, deploy, and configure an application in a multi-node cluster.
LFS258 + Cloud & Containers Kubernetes Fundamentals (LFS258) Get a strong operation knowledge of Kubernetes.
LFS261 + DevOps & Site Reliability DevOps and SRE Fundamentals: Implementing Continuous Delivery (LFS261) Get the skills to deploy software with confidence using CI/CD processes & tools.
LFS260 + Cloud & Containers Kubernetes Security Essentials (LFS260) This course is designed as preparation for the Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist Exam.
LFS211 + Networking Linux Networking and Administration (LFS211) Get the skills you need to get certified and work as a Linux systems engineer.
LFS201 + System Administration Essentials of Linux System Administration (LFS201) Get the background and training you need to start working as a Linux sysadmin.
LFD201 + System Administration Introduction to Open Source Development, Git, and Linux (LFD201) Learn how to develop open source software.
LFS216 + System Administration Linux Security Fundamentals (LFS216) Get a comprehensive look at the security challenges that can affect almost every system.
LFS266 + Networking DevOps for Network Engineers (LFS266) Get the skills needed to better integrate with teams and organizations that have adopted a DevOps culture.
LFS268 + DevOps & Site Reliability CI/CD with Jenkins X (LFS268) Get the skills you need to create Pipeline as Code workflows with Jenkins X.
LFS272 + Blockchain Hyperledger Fabric Administration (LFS272) Learn how to manage, implement and operate on a daily basis within the Hyperledger Fabric network.
LFS273 + Blockchain Hyperledger Sawtooth Administration (LFS273) Learn how to properly interact with a Hyperledger Sawtooth Blockchain and its related components as an admin.
LFW211 + Web & Application Development Node.js Application Development (LFW211) Improve your versatility in creating various types of Node.js applications and prepare for the Node.js Application Developer Certification.
LFD272 + Blockchain Hyperledger Fabric for Developers (LFD272) Learn how to implement business logic by writing Chaincode - Hyperledger Fabric's smart contracts - and creating enterprise blockchain-based applications. 
LFS242 + Cloud & Containers Cloud Native Logging with Fluentd (LFS242) Get the skills necessary to deploy Fluentd in a wide range of production settings.
LFS253 + Cloud & Containers Containers Fundamentals (LFS253) Learn how to install, spin up, manage, and troubleshoot containers.
LFS244 + Cloud & Containers Managing Kubernetes Applications with Helm (LFS244) Learn about Helm, and how it's used in real-world scenarios to manage the lifecycle of applications on Kubernetes.
LFS241 + Cloud & Containers Monitoring Systems and Services with Prometheus (LFS241) Learn how to monitor your systems and services effectively with Prometheus.
LFS243 + Cloud & Containers Service Mesh Fundamentals (LFS243) Learn how to manage the challenges posed by distributed systems using service mesh technologies such as Envoy Proxy and the …
LFD232 + Cloud & Containers Cloud Foundry for Developers (LFD232) Learn how to use Cloud Foundry to build, deploy and manage a cloud native microservice solution.
LFD254 + Cloud & Containers Containers for Developers and Quality Assurance (LFD254) Learn how to automate and streamline your development and QA processes with Docker.
LFS263 + Networking ONAP Fundamentals (LFS263) Learn about the fundamentals of the Linux Foundation ONAP project.
LFS264 + Networking OPNFV Fundamentals (LFS264) Learn about the fundamentals of the Linux Foundation OPNFV project.
LFC210 + Open Source Best Practice Fundamentals of Professional Open Source Management (LFC210) The course provides a multidisciplinary overview of best practices in Open Source Software Management.
LFD213 + Networking Getting Started with EdgeX Foundry (LFD213) Get the skills necessary to use EdgeX in your edge solutions.
LFS267 + DevOps & Site Reliability Jenkins Essentials (LFS267) Get the skills you need to scale a Jenkins CI/CD server using containerized and cloud-based solutions, use Jenkins multi-branch …
LFW212 + Web & Application Development Node.js Services Development (LFW212) Get a deep dive into Node core HTTP clients and servers, web servers, RESTful services and web security essentials and …
OSPO + Open Source Best Practice Open Source Management & Strategy Learn to build effective processes and strategies for creating new open source projects from scratch, or from open sourcing previously …
LFS151 + Cloud & Containers Introduction to Cloud Infrastructure Technologies (LFS151) Get a fundamental understanding of today’s top open source cloud technology options.
LFS158 + Cloud & Containers Introduction to Kubernetes (LFS158) Get an in-depth primer on this powerful system for managing containerized applications in a clustered environment.
lfs153 + Cloud & Containers Building Microservice Platforms with TARS (LFS153) Get an introduction to microservices and the TARS framework. In this course you will learn how to efficiently develop microservices …
lfs157 + Cloud & Containers Introduction to Serverless on Kubernetes (LFS157) Learn how to build serverless functions that can run on any cloud, without being restricted by limits on the execution …
LFS143 + Cloud & Containers Introduction to Service Mesh with Linkerd (LFS143) Learn the basics of service mesh and get hands-on practical experience with Linkerd, the open source, open governance, ultralight service …
LFD102 + Open Source Best Practice A Beginner’s Guide to Open Source Software Development (LFD102) Learn the key concepts in developing open source software.
LFD103 + Linux Kernel Development A Beginner’s Guide to Linux Kernel Development (LFD103) Learn how to become a Linux kernel developer and contributor.
LFS101 + System Administration Introduction to Linux (LFS101) Develop a good working knowledge of Linux.
LFD104 + Open Source Best Practice Secure Software Development: Requirements, Design, and Reuse (LFD104) Learn to create and maintain systems that are much harder to successfully attack, reduce the damage when attacks are successful, …
LFD105 + Open Source Best Practice Secure Software Development: Implementation (LFD105) Learn to create and maintain systems that are much harder to successfully attack, implement secure software, reduce the damage when …
LFD106 + Open Source Best Practice Secure Software Development: Verification and More Specialized Topics (LFD106) Take a deeper dive into the basics of applying threat models and cryptography. Learn to create and maintain systems that …
LFC191 + Open Source Best Practice Open Source Licensing Basics for Software Developers (LFC191) Learn why it is important to add copyrights and licenses to their code, as well as how to do so.
LFS110 + AI/Machine Learning Business Considerations for 5G, IoT and AI (LFS110) Learn how networks are being redefined to support a 5G world and what is required of businesses to take advantage …
LFS111 + AI/Machine Learning Open Source and the 5G Transition (LFS111) Open source software and standards are driving the transition to 5G, AI and IoT. Learn what open source technologies matter …
LFS112 + AI/Machine Learning Ethics in AI and Big Data (LFS112) Learn how to build and incorporate ethical frameworks in your AI and Big Data technology and business initiatives to add …
LFS113 + Networking Business Considerations for Edge Computing (LFS113) Edge Computing utilizes real-time processing and data analysis at the edge of the network - nearest the device or user …
LFS132 + Cloud & Containers Introduction to Cloud Foundry and Cloud Native Software Architecture (LFS132) This hands-on workshop will teach you how to deploy and manage applications on Cloud Foundry.
LFS141 + Cloud & Containers Exploring GraphQL: A Query Language for APIs (LFS141) Learn about GraphQL, an alternative to REST, and practice GraphQL queries in an interactive playground.
LFS162 + DevOps & Site Reliability Introduction to DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering (LFS162) Learn how to start transforming your organization using the principles and practices of DevOps.
LFS163 + Networking Introduction to ONAP: Complete Network Automation (LFS163) Learn how the ONAP platform uses SDN and NFV to orchestrate and automate physical and virtual network services.
LFS164 + Networking NFV Acceleration: An Introduction to OPNFV (LFS164) Learn how Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) is moving the industry from fixed-function, proprietary devices to flexible, software-driven environments.
LFS165 + Networking Introduction to Open Source Networking Technologies (LFS165) Learn what's needed to adopt SDN, NFV, disaggregation, orchestration, network automation, and modern networking.
LFC101 + Open Source Best Practice Inclusive Speaker Orientation (LFC101) Learn the essential background knowledge and practical skills to promote inclusivity in presentations, messaging and other communications.
LFS167 + DevOps & Site Reliability Introduction to Jenkins (LFS167) Get the skills you need to get certified and work as a Linux systems engineer.
LFS170 + Blockchain Blockchain: Understanding Its Uses and Implications (LFS170) Understand exactly what a blockchain is, its impact and potential for change around the world, and analyze use cases.
LFS171 + Blockchain Introduction to Hyperledger Blockchain Technologies (LFS171) Get a primer to blockchain, distributed ledgers and Hyperledger technologies.
LFS172 + Blockchain Introduction to Hyperledger Sovereign Identity Blockchain Solutions: Indy, Aries & Ursa (LFS172) Learn how Hyperledger Aries, Indy and Ursa add a necessary layer of trust to the Internet, creating and using independent …
LFS173 + Blockchain Becoming a Hyperledger Aries Developer (LFS173) Develop blockchain-based production-ready identity applications with Hyperledger Aries.
LFS174 + Blockchain Hyperledger Sawtooth for Application Developers (LFS174) Learn how to code a Hyperledger Sawtooth sample application.
LFS175 + Cloud & Containers Introduction to FinOps (LFS175) Learn how FinOps gets IT, Business and Finance working together to leverage Cloud to innovate, deliver and make money.
LFC102 + Open Source Best Practice Inclusive Open Source Community Orientation (LFC102) Learn the essential background knowledge and practical skills to create an inclusive culture in the open source community.
LFD133 + Web & Application Development Introduction to WebAssembly (LFD133) Get a solid foundation on the WebAssembly runtime and its capabilities, and learn how and why WebAssembly has succeeded in …
LFS258-JP + Cloud & Containers Kubernetes 基礎 (LFS258-JP) Get a strong operation knowledge of Kubernetes.