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OpenStack is growing at an unprecedented rate, and there is incredible demand for individuals who have experience managing this cloud platform. You’ll become adept at managing and using private and public clouds with OpenStack, and you’ll develop hands-on experience with essential commands, automation, and troubleshooting, under the expert guidance of our instructors who impart state-of-the-market OpenStack experience. And all course materials are vendor neutral, so you’ll be able to apply these skills regardless of how your OpenStack installation has been constructed.

Course Description

OpenStack Cloud Architecture and Deployment will teach attendees how to deploy, administrate and use the core Openstack services. Each objective is focused on practical requirements to manage and use an OpenStack cloud. Emphasis will be placed on both architectural concepts and practical demonstrations, with students performing hands-on labs for each objective.

Full life cycle OpenStack services will be covered, including deployment, administration, usage and distributed storage. Core OpenStack services covered include Compute (Nova), Networking (Neutron), Distributed Storage (Swift, Ceph), Orchestration (Heat), Telemetry (Ceilometer), Image (Glance) and Identity (Keystone).

Students will be introduced to OpenStack's Horizon GUI and then extensive coverage will be provided for command line tools and automation with Heat templates. Service administration will be covered across all core services.

Upon completing the class you should be able to:

  • Understand OpenStack's capabilities for private and public cloud services
  • Create and deploy enterprise Infrastructure-as-a-Service using OpenStack
  • Orchestrate virtual machine provisioning and management
  • Administrate and troubleshoot OpenStack Neutron, Ceph and Nova Services

96% of students who took this course would recommend it to a friend or coworker.

Why Choose Linux Foundation Training

There are many reasons to choose Linux Foundation Training:

  1. The Linux Foundation is the non-profit organization that hosts the Linux project, employs Linux creator Linus Torvalds and hosts kernel.org (where all Linux kernel updates are released). With 100+ employees (and growing!) across North America, Europe and Asia, we partner with clients for the long run.
  2. The OpenStack Foundation has partnered with us to develop their OpenStack Certification exam so we are very active on this topic.
  3. Linux Foundation Training is unique in that all our training courses are designed to work on all major Linux distributions (including RedHat, Ubuntu and SUSE).
  4. We don't sell any software or support services so there's no hidden sales agenda in our material. Our only goal is to help you learn the material.
  5. 99% of our students rate their instructor as being an expert on the topics covered.

Course Materials

As part of your registration, a printed copy of the course manual will be provided. If you are attending in person the material will be available onsite on the day the class begins. If you are attending virtually it will be mailed to you the week prior to the class. Please contact us at training@linuxfoundation.org if you haven't received it 2 business days prior to the start of class.

For more details view the Course Outline.


System Administrators who are primarily responsible for operating OpenStack clouds. Administrators and developers deploying applications and infrastructure on OpenStack will also benefit from this course. Additionally, IT professionals in sales, marketing and services seeking to expand their knowledge of cloud services and OpenStack.


Knowledge in Linux System Administration, concepts and administration for network, storage and virtual systems is useful. Basic Linux command line skills are required.

Ways To Train

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Classroom Linux Training [?]

  • Delivered in conveniently located training centers
  • Please check schedule for exact location and duration

Online Linux Training [?]

  • Live instructor-led sessions
  • Presented via screensharing and a conference call line
  • Typically run 9am-5pm US Central unless otherwise stated

On-Site Corporate Linux Training [?]

  • All courses can be delivered at your office for private, on-site training
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Custom Corporate Linux Training [?]

  • All courses can be customized for private, on-site training
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