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The willingness of the Linux Foundation to customize the course to our needs was the biggest determining factor for choosing them.

Matthew Cheng, Broadcom

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Watch the Free Linux Tutorial: Linux Performance Analysis With Perf

Watch the Free Linux Tutorial: Linux Performance Data Collection Tips

This course teaches you to optimize your system’s performance by acquiring useful performance metrics from the hardware, tracing applications and the Linux kernel, and tuning various aspects of the system, including both hardware and kernel settings.and optimizations.

Course Description

Linux Performance Tuning takes into account years of cutting edge experience in meeting requirements in some of the most demanding environments. The Linux Foundation developed this four-day course to stand as a reference in the field of performance tuning for Linux.

Based on our experience with several major players in the high performance computing industry, we developed this course to present a wide range of optimization tools and techniques based on the most recent hardware and software technologies. Discussions of the Linux kernel default behaviors are used to present typical scenarios where manual optimization may be required in order to achieve optimal speeds.

The most recent Linux tracing, profiling and instrumentation techniques are covered in such a way that students will, by the end of the class, be properly equipped to handle a large range of performance problems while minimizing analysis time. Modern hardware designs and software programming techniques are presented in a Linux context in order to introduce current industry best practices to students.

Hands-on exercises put theory into practice and ensure that students leave the class with skills that can be immediately applied to their Linux environment.

96% of students who took this course agree that the instructor was an expert.

Why Choose Linux Foundation Training

There are many reasons to choose Linux Foundation Training:

  1. The Linux Foundation is the non-profit organization that hosts the Linux project, employs Linux creator Linus Torvalds and hosts (where all Linux kernel updates are released). With 100+ employees (and growing!) across North America, Europe and Asia, we partner with clients for the long run.
  2. Being so close to the kernel, we are constantly updating our training to ensure that we are teaching you the most up-to-date information.
  3. Linux Foundation Training is unique in that all our training courses are designed to work on all major Linux distributions (including RedHat, Ubuntu and SUSE).
  4. We don't sell any software or support services so there's no hidden sales agenda in our material. Our only goal is to help you learn the material.
  5. When you train with The Linux Foundation, you're learning from instructors who are comfortable across all major Linux distributions and can answer student questions regardless of the distribution you're using for the class. You are truly learning from the experts.

Course Materials

As part of your registration, a printed copy of the course manual will be provided. If you are attending in person the material will be available onsite on the day the class begins. If you are attending virtually it will be mailed to you the week prior to the class. Please contact us at if you haven't received it 2 business days prior to the start of class.

For more details view the Course Outline.


This course is primarily intended for system administrators and technology architects who need to select and tune their environment to maximize speed and efficiency. Developers of native applications and anyone involved with technical support of Linux systems and applications will also greatly benefit from learning the tools and concepts covered in this class. Note, however:

  • This course is primarily geared towards system administrators and does not assume or teach kernel or application programming skills.
  • This course is primarily based on optimizing the system as a whole, not on optimizing individual applications.


We expect students to be experienced Linux users. Familiarity with local system administration concepts covered in LFS220: Linux System Administration is required. Fuithermore, we assume that the audience is comfortable with standard command line utilities used for file and process management, file editing, and basic shell scripting. This course also builds upon concepts and tools equivalent to those acquired in LFS230: Linux Network Management.

Ways To Train

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Classroom Linux Training [?]

  • Delivered in conveniently located training centers
  • Please check schedule for exact location and duration

Online Linux Training [?]

  • Live instructor-led sessions
  • Presented via screensharing and a conference call line
  • Typically run 9am-5pm US Central unless otherwise stated

On-Site Corporate Linux Training [?]

  • All courses can be delivered at your office for private, on-site training
  • Contact us for more information

Custom Corporate Linux Training [?]

  • All courses can be customized for private, on-site training
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