Course Outline

Embedded Linux Development

  1. Introduction
  2. Embedded and Real-Time Systems Concepts
  3. Cross-Development Environments: Goals and Needs
  4. Cross-Development Toolchain
  5. Setting Up a Target Development Board
  6. KBuild System
  7. Boot loaders and U-Boot
  8. Kernel Configuration, Compilation, Booting
  9. Device Drivers**
  10. Device Trees**
  11. Target Filesystem Packaging
  12. Build Target Root Filesystem
  13. Root Filesystem Choices
  14. Configuring uClibc
  15. Build BusyBox Utility Suite
  16. Kernel Monitoring and Debugging
  17. Right-Sizing
  18. Memory Technology Devices**
  19. Compressed Filesystems
  20. System Upgrades
  21. Real-Time Extensions
** These sections may be considered in part or in whole as optional. They contain either background reference material, specialized topics, or advanced subjects. The instructor may choose to cover or not cover them depending on classroom experience and time constraints.