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This course will teach you the tools and techniques necessary for developing embedded Linux devices. In this course you’ll learn:

The Linux kernel architecture, emphasizing the essential points relevant to adapting the kernel to a custom embedded platform.
The techniques for right-sizing the system to meet project constraints
The multitude of resources available for constructing a cross development environment for embedded projects.
The options available for populating libraries and application user-spaces to meet the goals and constraints of embedded systems.
And more.

The information in this course will work with any major Linux distribution.
0% off
Date Jun. 25th - Jun. 28th
Price $3150
Developing Embedded Linux Device Drivers is designed to show experienced programmers how to develop device drivers for Linux systems, and give them a basic understanding and familiarity with the Linux kernel.

Upon mastering this material, you will be familiar with the different kinds of device drivers used under Linux, and have an introduction to many of the appropriate APIs to be used when writing a device driver. The labs for illustrating these concepts will all be performed on ARM hardware in order to get developers familiar with cross-compiling and developing drivers for an embedded target. The included development kit (yours to keep) will be used to illustrate testing kernel drivers using TFTP and NFSroot techniques.

While we will discuss kernel internals and algorithms we will examine deeply only the functions which are normally used in device drivers. More details on things such as scheduling, memory management, etc., belong more properly in a different, kernel-focused course.
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Advanced Skill Level
Date Jul. 9th - Jul. 12th
Price $3150
Location AUSTIN