Self-Paced Course Terms & Conditions

When attending any Linux Foundation training, you agree to abide by our Anti-Harassment/Discrimination Policy.


Payment for classes may be done on-line via Visa, Mastercard or American Express.  Registration confirmation will be received within 24 hours.


Refunds can only be granted for cancellation requests received no more than 3 days since purchase and as long as the course has not already been completed. Requests for refunds/cancellations should be submitted to and must include an order number and Linux Foundation ID.  

If you purchased a bundle of training and certification exams and only want to refund specific items, not the entire bundle, the refund amount shall be calculated as transaction amount multiplied by the proportion of cumulative list price for the items to be refunded divided by the cumulative list price of all items in the bundle.

Availability Period

Self-paced courses are available to the student for 12 months from the date of purchase. Course content remains available during the 12-month period even if the course is marked as completed.

Special Needs

Our self-paced courses do not contain audio voiceovers or alt-text provisions. Users must be able to read and understand onscreen text and graphics. Please contact us if you need an alternative arrangement and we can work to make this available in an instructor-led session.

Intellectual Property

The training materials provided or developed by The Linux Foundation in connection with the training services are subject to US and international copyright and other intellectual property rights. The training materials are provided for individual use by participants in the form in which they are provided. Most materials may not be copied, modified, distributed to non-participants or used to provide training to others without the prior written consent of The Linux Foundation. Some of our training materials are made available under open source licenses (e.g. CC-BY-SA) and are free to be copied, modified, used and distributed under the terms of their open source license. Open source code or content incorporated in the training materials may have other copyright holders and is used pursuant to the applicable open source license.


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