Compliance Basics for Developers

Compliance Basics for Developers (LFS191)

Because open source is now found everywhere software exists, a good working knowledge of open source licensing and compliance is critical. This course is designed to teach software developers and producers why it is important to add copyrights and licenses to their code, as well as how to do so.

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Course Overview

In this course, you’ll learn how to create file notices with copyrights and licenses. This will enable students to minimize problems and ambiguity, which is useful for internal corporate projects, as well as contributing to open source projects.

This course also provides an overview of the types of licenses to consider, as well as the other permissions that you may need to secure prior to external contribution.

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  1. Course Introduction
  2. Licenses
  3. Copyrights
  4. File Notices
  5. Preconditions for Contributions
  6. Final Assessment

Course Details

Length: 5 weeks

Effort: 2 hours per week

Level: Beginner