Introduction to FinOps (LFS175x)

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Introduction to FinOps (LFS175x)

Learn how FinOps gets IT, Business and Finance working together to leverage Cloud to innovate, deliver and make money.

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Course Overview

This free introductory course describes the basics of FinOps and how it can positively impact an organization. FinOps allows organizations to build a culture of accountability around Cloud use that lets companies make good, timely, data-backed decisions in the Cloud, not just to save money, but to make money.

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Organizations using Cloud and DevOps face challenges to the traditional way IT has been procured, managed and optimized. Traditional siloes of IT, Finance, and Business are breaking down, and traditional procurement and financial management processes are significantly changed by the cloud. Cloud spend is more dynamic, less predictable, and understanding the vast amount of data on the cloud bill can be daunting. Companies want product teams to be more responsive to customer demand, for DevOps teams to build faster and better, and for costs to be managed tightly. FinOps provides a framework to align these groups within an organization to achieve these results.


What you’ll learn:

  • The impacts DevOps and Cloud have had on how IT costs are managed
  • What FinOps is and how it can address some of these impacts
  • The principles of FinOps which guide its practice in an organization
  • The considerations that go into forming a FinOps team within an organization
  • The scope of the Capabilities a FinOps team would perform to achieve the Cloud use goals of the organization
  • How the FinOps Foundation can help practitioners, cloud users, finance professionals, DevOps engineers and product managers to work with others around the world to learn best practices and support one another


Course Syllabus:

  • Welcome
  • Ch 1. What Is FinOps?
  • Ch 2. Why FinOps?
  • Ch 3. Culture Change & FinOps Teams
  • Ch 4. FinOps Lifecycle
  • Final Exam

Course Details

Length: 6 weeks

Effort: 2-3 hours per week

Level: Beginner

Price: Free

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