Introduction to OpenStack

introduction to openstack

Introduction to OpenStack (LFS152)

Get an in-depth primer on OpenStack, the leading cloud computing platform, directly from The Linux Foundation, the leader in professional open source management and the platform provider for the Certified OpenStack Administrator exam.

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Course Overview

OpenStack is growing at an unprecedented rate, with over 65% of OpenStack deployments now in production – a number which continues to rise.

The demand for individuals who have experience managing this cloud platform is also accelerating. According to the Open Source Jobs Report from The Linux Foundation and Dice, 51% of hiring managers say experience with OpenStack and other cloud technologies are driving open source hiring decisions. Now is the time to build an exciting and rewarding career managing OpenStack clouds.

This introductory course is taught by cloud experts from The Linux Foundation, which also delivers the Certified OpenStack Administrator (COA) exam. As host to some of the world’s leading open source cloud projects, The Linux Foundation provides training and networking opportunities to help you advance your career.

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During the course of this self-paced training you’ll explore the following topics:

  • The origins of OpenStack: Where does it come from and how can you contribute as a developer to the project?
  • How to deploy OpenStack: Setup your own lab environment and deploy OpenStack on Ubuntu and CentOS with DevStack and Packstack, respectively.
  • How to deploy a virtual machine from Horizon: Get the steps and components that lead to a working and accessible virtual machine.
  • An introduction to managing OpenStack from the command line.
    Scaling out your OpenStack cloud by adding SDN, object storage, compute nodes, high availability, and more.

This course is perfect for IT professionals seeking a high-level overview of OpenStack, and who want to find out if OpenStack is the right solution to meet the IT needs of their organization. This course also helps anyone who wants to set up a small scale OpenStack test environment to gain experience working with OpenStack.

What you’ll learn:

  • Cloud computing as it compares to virtualization
  • Deployment of virtual servers
  • How to install OpenStack with automated tools
  • Command line management tools
  • Scaling out an OpenStack Cloud

Course Syllabus:

  • Session 1: From Virtualization to IaaS Cloud
  • Session 2: Understanding OpenStack
  • Session 3: Deploying OpenStack (PackStack and DevStack)
  • Session 4: Deploying a Virtual Machine from Horizon
  • Session 5: An Introduction to Managing OpenStack from the Command Line
  • Session 6: Scaling Out Your OpenStack
  • Session 7: What’s Next?
  • Final Exam

Course Details

Length: 10 weeks

Effort: 3-4 hours per week

Level: Beginner

Price: Free (certificate optional)