Sample Chapter: Software Defined Networking Fundamentals

Sample Chapter: Software Defined Networking Fundamentals

Software Defined Networking is the second session in Software Defined Networking Fundamentals (LFS265), a self-paced, online course from The Linux Foundation.

This sample chapter explores a short history of networking and software-defined networking (SDN), the architecture and operations of a traditional switch vs. a software-defined switch, and other networking topics. Subsequent course chapters dive into software-defined networking more, detailing how to set up and administer a software-defined network, the key tools and utilities needed to manage SDN in a virtual network and how to use them, and more.

This sample chapter contains:

  • 18 pages of networking concepts
  •  Diagrams of SDN switches, controllers, and layer architecture
  • 4 sample test questions

As software displaces many of the functions that hardware performs, more individuals with SDN skills are needed. This sample chapter can be your stepping stone to career advancement through the LFS265 course.

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