Introduction to Linux Security

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Introduction to Linux Security

Needless to say, having multiple, diverse layers of security is a good idea. It helps protect your network and systems in the event that there is a failure in one of the layers. The diversity of the layers is also important, as you are only as strong “as your weakest link.” If you have multiple layers of the same type of security, a single bug or breach may bypass all of them at once. This Linux security publication will introduce you to the key concepts Linux system administrators need to understand and teach you to keep your environment safe.

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Disclosure: The following material is an excerpt taken from our training course materials. Training courses from The Linux Foundation can be up to five days in length and consist of in-depth training manuals and extensive lab exercises. Because the following content is just a small section of the overall training material shared in the class, some relevant topics or tools that are covered in the course may be missing in this publication.

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