The Growth of Android in Embedded Systems

The Growth of Android in Embedded Systems

Linux has continuously grown in the embedded systems market for over a decade, gaining market share from proprietary operating systems. The proliferation of embedded devices, the explosion of open source development, the inherent hardware support, the incredible networking capabilities and the royalty-free economic model have all helped propel use of the Linux kernel into one of the best choices for the design of new embedded systems.

While the success of Linux in the embedded market cannot be denied, its notoriety was once confined to mostly technical professionals. That changed in 2008 with Google’s release of the Android mobile phone operating system, based on the Linux kernel. Thus began the tremendous growth of Linux in the consumer world, with over one million Android devices being activated every day in 2012 and predictions of total Android devices shipped reaching one billion in 2013.

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About the Author

Benjamin Zores
As a software architect for Alcatel-Lucent, Benjamin Zores has been designing embedded Linux devices for 10+ years, leading enterprise-grade Linux/Android multimedia IP phones conception. His area of expertise mostly covers low-level devices and platforms definition, board bring-up and drivers development, though his real passion comes from reverse-engineering the software architecture of operating systems to understand what’s beneath the hood. He drove the conception of an Android-based wired IP phone and has a very deep knowledge of bringing support for all multimedia peripherals and connectivity layers of Android. Prior to that, Ben was also most known for his open source contributions, as the original author of the OpenBricks embedded cross-build framework, the GeeXboX HTPC live distribution and the uShare UPnP/DLNA MediaServer. Ben is also a recurrent speaker at The Linux Foundation’s ELC and ABS events and an Android technical writer for Linux Magazine France. He lives in Strasbourg, France.

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