The History of Embedded Linux & Best Practices for Getting Started

The History of Embedded Linux & Best Practices for Getting Started

This entertaining Linux publication offers a historical perspective and advice for those considering or planning to embed Linux. “Across the vast diversity of systems, Linux is a strong contender — if not the de facto standard,” says Kingman. “If you are considering Linux for your project or product, it behooves you to have an understanding of the historical forces that led to Linux’s rise in devices.” With a unique and colorful style, Kingman uses his deep understanding of embedded Linux to provide readers a wealth of best practices.

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About the Author

Henry Kingman
Henry Kingman observed and wrote about embedded Linux markets and technologies for the better part of a decade: first as a contributor to LinuxDevices in the late 1990s, then as that site’s chief writer and later editor from 2003 to 2009.

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