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Fundamentals of Professional Open Source Management (LFC210)

The course provides a multidisciplinary overview of best practices in Open Source Software Management.
System Administration

Essentials of Linux System Administration (LFS201)

Get the background and training you need to start working as a Linux sysadmin.
System Administration

Fundamentos de Administración de Sistemas Linux (LFS201-Esp)

Mejorar sus habilidades, mejorar sus perspectivas, y hacer más dinero con The Linux Foundation!
Systems Engineering & Architecture

Linux Networking and Administration (LFS211)

Get the skills you need to get certified and work as a Linux systems engineer.
System Administration

Linux Security Fundamentals (LFS216)

Get a comprehensive look at the security challenges that can affect almost every system.
Cloud & Containers

Monitoring Systems and Services with Prometheus (LFS241)

Learn how to monitor your systems and services effectively with Prometheus.
Cloud & Containers

Cloud Native Logging with Fluentd (LFS242)

Get the skills necessary to deploy Fluentd in a wide range of production settings.
DevOps & Site Reliability

Containers Fundamentals (LFS253)

Learn how to install, spin up, manage, and troubleshoot containers.
Cloud & Containers

Kubernetes Fundamentals (LFS258)

Get a strong operation knowledge of Kubernetes.
DevOps & Site Reliability

DevOps and SRE Fundamentals: Implementing Continuous Delivery (LFS261)

Get the skills to deploy software with confidence using CI/CD processes & tools.

ONAP Fundamentals (LFS263)

Learn about the fundamentals of the Linux Foundation ONAP project.

OPNFV Fundamentals (LFS264)

Learn about the fundamentals of the Linux Foundation OPNFV project.