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Fundamentals of Quantum Computing (LFQ101)

Quantum computing brings fundamental change to the nature of what computing can accomplish. Quantum Computing has been discussed for decades, with promises of computing power and features unimaginable using current technology. This course dispels some of the myths surrounding quantum computing, explaining what it is at the moment, as well as why it is an exciting and essential technology to understand and embrace. Get ahead of the curve and start familiarizing yourself with this rapidly emerging technology!

Course Rating
4.5/5 Stars
Who Is It For

This course is designed for public sector leaders, Chief Information Officers (CIOs), and technology teams in charge of the planning, design, development and deployment of public service delivery and digital economy infrastructures and platforms. Learners should be generally familiar with how computers function and the current use of on-premise and cloud computing.
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What You’ll Learn

The course discusses the fundamentals of quantum computing, highlighting potential technological disruptions it brings. It discusses the current capabilities of quantum computing, current use cases, as well as prospective future applications, while emphasizing security advantages and dangers, especially around secure communication and encryption.
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What It Prepares You For

The course provides an understanding on how quantum computing could be used for complex decision making far beyond current computer capabilities, as well as an understanding of the technological, governmental, and industrial implications as the technology further matures.
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Course Outline
1. Course Introduction
2. Understanding Quantum Computing
3. Quantum Use Cases
4. Security Considerations

Learners should be generally familiar with how computers function and the current use of on-premise and cloud computing usage.
Sep 2022
Quantum-focused education that includes use cases is difficult to find, and this course does well on algorithms.
Sep 2022
It's a great conceptual introduction to the topic, one of the best, even for new people. I liked how many examples and applications were exposed. The interviews were perfect. I would like to know more about the math involved, but I understand that this is a conceptual and easy-to-follow course. Not bad!
Sep 2022
Simple and direct language. I'm not a native English speaker, but the content and interviews were easy to follow.
Sep 2022
It was extremely relevant and innovative, and brought complementary views from the interviewees!
Sep 2022
Fantastic content, with great interaction, and extremely didactic!
Sep 2022
Excellent initiative by the Linux Foundation team. I have personally been following quantum technology for the last 4-5 years, collecting information, atttending webinars, sessions, etc. That helped me understand quantum, but this course can give a ten thousand feet view of quantum technology, with excellent information to start the quantum journey. Really appreciate it, well done! Hoping to get more detailed or advanced quantum courses in the near future.
Sep 2022
Contrary to most of the courses that I see online about Quantum Computing, the Linux course was different. I am a graduate student in physics, and have taken a couple of courses on QC. However, the actual working of qubits was not really clear to me. I couldn't figure out exactly how the qubits had advantage over classical bits. This course's section about the basics of quantum computing helped clear things up quite a bit. There is still a lot to learn of course, but the course was tremendously helpful in that regard. So kudos for that!
Sep 2022
Taking into consideration it's a new industry in the making, it was well organized beyond my expectation, taking the student through the learning curve. Thanks!
Aug 2022
I am happy to learn the general perspective of quantum computing, and how it will impact our society in many aspects.