Introduction to DevOps: Transforming and Improving Operations (LFS161)

This course aims to help you develop a good working knowledge of the concept of DevOps, covering the foundation, principles, and practices of DevOps. This course will focus on the successful patterns used by high performance organizations over the past 10 years.



Course Overview

The goal of this course is to cover an extensive study of all of the DevOps principles and practices known to date, such that you can create transformative DevOps initiatives with incredible outcomes. This course also sets up the foundation for implementing the tools and technology that will be needed for further success and execution of a DevOps transformation.

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Course Outline

Chapter 1. Why Do DevOps?
Chapter 2. Understanding the Value Stream
Chapter 3. Getting Started with DevOps
Chapter 4. The First Way – Accelerate Flow
Chapter 5. The Second Way – Amplify Feedback Loops
Chapter 6. The Third Way – Accelerate Learning
Final Exam


If you are a manager or a practitioner looking for guidelines on how to start transforming organizations, this course is for you. Upon completion, you should have a good understanding of the foundation, principles, and practices of DevOps. You should be able to continue your progress for an organizational transformation using the acquired skills set.

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Delivery Method

Self-Paced Online (Virtual)


  • 40 hours of Course Material
  • Video Content
  • Discussion Forums
  • Unlimited Access to Online Course
  • Optional Paid Certificate of Completion

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