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Microcontroller Applications with RISC-V (LFD115x)

This course provides some basic experience in designing and developing deeply embedded bare metal applications using a microcontroller with a RISC-V core. The course is the first step to creating embedded systems using a host of new microcontrollers that use an open instruction set architecture (ISA) as an alternative to a proprietary option.

Who Is It For

This course is geared towards hobbyists who want to implement their ideas on a professional board, engineering students who want to create professional applications with a RISC-V microcontroller, and makers who have created custom applications in a development board like the Arduino Uno, and want to take this expertise to the next level.
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What You’ll Learn

Participants will learn how to design an embedded system and take the right steps to implement an embedded system you have in mind. In this course, you will learn how to use SiFive Freedom Studio to create embedded systems with a RISC-V CPU and a RISC-V microcontroller and its internal operational modules.
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What It Prepares You For

This course will enable you to get started with microcontroller-based embedded systems and acquainted with embedded RISC-V compiler toolchains. Upon completing this course, you will be familiar with creating embedded systems powered by a RISC-V core and begin your career as an Embedded Systems Engineer.
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Course Outline
Chapter 1. The Development Platform
Chapter 2. The Microcontroller and Its Library
Chapter 3. General Purpose Input Output
Chapter 4. Pulse Width Modulation
Chapter 5. Interrupt-Driven Applications
Chapter 6. Serial Communication
Final Exam (verified track only)

Knowledge prerequisites:

  • We presume the student will have some experience with the C programming language and basic experience with schematic diagrams. It would be beneficial to have some prior knowledge of electronics concepts like logic levels, voltages, gates, periodic signals, etc. Experience with any assembly language would be beneficial as well.

System prerequisites:

  • The technology needed is a personal computer with Linux, macOS, or Windows, compliant with the requirements of SiFive Freedom Studio. Optional: If you’d like to follow along with the examples shown in the course, you’ll need a RED-V Thing Plus microcontroller board by SparkFun and a free USB port. Also, a list of materials with the supporting external hardware featured in the exercises is provided.
Dec 2022
The content was excellent, covering a wide range of topics for embedded systems development, using microcontrollers. Very relevant for newbies, as well as those with several years of experience.
Dec 2022
Some very practical knowledge on becoming familiar with the hardware components of a microcontroller, and the software components of a low-level library (freedom metal).