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Secure Software Development: Requirements, Design, and Reuse (LFD104x)

Learn the security basics to develop software that is hardened against attacks, and understand how you can reduce the damage and speed the response when a vulnerability is exploited. This course is designed to give you an overview of security basics, including system security requirements, secure design principles and best practices, and how to securely select and reuse software for your systems.

Who Is It For

Geared towards software developers, DevOps professionals, software engineers, web application developers, and others interested in learning how to develop secure software, this course focuses on practical steps that can be taken, even with limited resources, to improve information security.
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What You’ll Learn

This course discusses the basics of security, such as what risk management really means. It discusses how to consider security as part of the requirements of a system, and what potential security requirements you might consider. This part then focuses on how to design software to be secure, including various secure design principles that will help you avoid bad designs and embrace good ones. It also considers how to secure your software supply chain, that is, how to more securely select and acquire reused software (including open source software) to enhance security.
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What It Prepares You For

This course will enable software developers to create and maintain systems that are much harder to successfully attack, reduce the damage when attacks are successful, and speed the response so that any latent vulnerabilities can be rapidly repaired.
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Course Outline
Chapter 1. Security Basics
Chapter 2. Security Design Principles
Chapter 3. Reusing External Software
Final Exam (Verified Certificate track only)

We presume that the student already knows how to develop software to some degree.
Oct 2021
The complete coverage of topics, without losing speed in doing the training, was great. I already knew about some topics, but still got to learn a decent amount, because of the variety of this training.
Sep 2021
It has great information on the basics of cybersecurity, and provides logical reasons for doing the things mentioned in this course.
Sep 2021
The content and structure of the course is what I liked best. It's evident a lot of work was put in whilst preparing the information.
Jul 2021
Content was very accurate, up-to-date and helpful.