Corporate Linux Training & On-Site Classes

Building up your team’s Linux expertise with corporate Linux training can increase the success of your entire organization. There are many benefits to corporate Linux training, such as improving the skillsets of less experienced employees to prevent them from slowing down more experienced team members, providing the ability to focus directly on solving important challenges at your organization, and enhancing your team’s overall production by raising the knowledge of a team or business unit.

We offer:

  • A varied catalog of Linux classes for Linux developers, system administrators and other technical resources
  • Customized Linux training options to meet your specific project and team needs
  • Volume discounts for multiple student enrollments for Linux training
  • Discounts on pre-purchased Linux training credits

Many of the organizations we work with have a variety of needs and will have technical teams in one or more locations. The Linux Foundation’s corporate Linux training is both flexible and ideally suited to help organizations of all sizes accomplish their goals, no matter where their teams are located.

Our corporate Linux training can be customized for your needs, so contact our corporate Linux training team for a free assessment of what Linux training offering makes the most sense for your needs.

On-Site Linux Training

If you have multiple employees who require training, our on-site Linux training program is likely to be your most cost-effective option and yields the biggest impact for your team. On-site Linux training provides a unique environment where our instructors work hands-on with your team and can focus on the issues that are of most concern to your developers and system administrators.

Target Specific Challenges

On-site Linux training allows for laser-focused discussions and unique exercises in the areas that are most pertinent to the challenges and desired goals of your team. A greater return on investment can be achieved when technical leaders at organizations work closely with The Linux Foundation to create custom enterprise Linux training that targets their specific needs.

Boost Value, Lower Costs

On-site Linux training makes for a cost-effective choice by eliminating high travel expenses and provides additional value by by bringing together a larger, focused technical group in one class to take advantage of all that training has to offer. By investing in on-site Linux training for a group of employees at one time, you provide your team with the same solid foundation of learning that will benefit them through future projects.

A Variety of Delivery Options Available

The Linux Foundation can provide enterprise Linux training at your site or a local training facility, as well as through online Linux training options. Since the exact training requirements may need to be adjusted according to your unique challenges, our technical staff can talk through any specifics and ensure that our corporate Linux training is delivered in a way that is effective for your team.

Customized Linux Training Curriculum

Accelerate your Projects with Custom Linux Training

Custom Linux training ensures your budget is spent on exactly what your teams need. Corporations that migrate a significant portion of their IT or development platform infrastructure to Linux often do best with a custom Linux training plan. Staff in these situations typically bring experience working with other operating systems, whereas The Linux Foundation’s instructors come from various backgrounds and, when paired with the right company through a custom Linux training plan, can bridge the gap between such systems. Custom Linux training can be delivered on-site or virtually to help you avoid travel costs.

Select the Topics and Technical Depth

Our regular Linux course offerings may not offer an exact match for your needs. There may be subjects that require more or less emphasis and depth, or additional areas that need to be addressed. Working closely with you, we can combine selected areas from more than one Linux course or add/delete sections from existing courses, thus designing custom Linux training that directly fit your needs.

Specialized Linux training manuals may need to be created. Depending on the complexity of the customization and the size of the anticipated enrollment, additional fees may apply. Contact us with your requests so we can work together to determine feasibility and costs.

Linux Training For Microsoft Developers

Programmers proficient in developing for the Microsoft Windows family of products, including Microsoft Windows Embedded CE or Microsoft Windows Mobile can quickly get up-to-speed on using Linux for mobile and embedded devices through our Linux Training For Microsoft Developers.

Learn more about our Linux training for Microsoft Developers.

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