New Publication: Key Considerations When Evaluating Linux Training

For engineering leaders, the goal is not to get any Linux training, but to use Linux training to accomplish much bigger goals. Common reasons companies get Linux training are to get new staff up-to-speed quickly, to raise the overall competency of your staff, easing the transition when moving to Linux, or wanting to address specific project challenges and ensure a high-quality output.

According to a recent study by UBM, time-to-market also remains a top concern for engineers and engineering managers and Linux training can be a big help. While Linux training requires you to pull your staff off of a project for several days, what starts as a loss of a few days of productivity, quickly turns into increased confidence, efficiency, and quality.

It should be noted that the Linux Foundation is not a fit for every organization looking for Linux training. We regularly talk with engineering leaders who rely on the company that provides support for their distribution to also be the vendor to provide Linux training to their staff. And that's great.

We designed this Linux training guide not with the intention of telling you why The Linux Foundation is the best fit for you. Our hope is that it will help you broaden your considerations for selecting Linux training so you can focus less on getting training for how to use a particular tool for example, and more on what's truly going to move the needle on your projects.

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