Linux Trivia Answers and Barcelona Winners

If you weren't able to join us at LinuxCon in San Diego or Barcelona this year, you missed the opportunity to visit our training booth and Test Your Linux Trivia Knowledge. For fun, we thought we'd share the questions and answers from this year's quiz and introduce you to the winners from Barcelona.

Will Newton

Linux Foundation Training Course Winner: Will Newton

Maciej Lasyk

LinuxCon Soccer Jersey Winner: Maciej Lasyk

Here are the questions that Will and Maciej both answered all correctly:

1. Which of the following movies was the first shot entirely in 3-D using free software on Linux machines?

Correct Answer: Avatar

2. According to the Linux Foundation’s latest “Who Does Kernel Development,” report, who has contributed the most code to the kernel?

Correct Answer: David Miller (Source:

3. From the same report, which company has sponsored the most work on the Linux Kernel?

Correct Answer: Red Hat

4. True or False: IBM's Watson computer that competed on Jeopardy runs Linux?

Correct Answer: True

5. How many "legitimate" Linux distributions are there believed to be?

Correct Answer: 500-600 (Source:

6. Which of the following is Linux NOT found in?

  1. Japan’s bullet trains
  2. New York Stock Exchange 
  3. Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Google and Amazon 
  4. Dreamwork’s animation render farms 
  5. None of the above

Correct Answer: None of the Above

7. Which city in Russia erected a monument of Tux with wings?

Correct answer: Tyumen (See the statue:

In case you’d like to train for our Linux trivia quiz next year, courtesy of Rocky IV, we've provided some inspiration:



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