New Course: High Availability Linux Architecture for Mission Critical Workloads

A high availability cluster capable of withstanding a data center outage or other severe losses within the IT environment is a necessity for today’s mission critical workloads. While setting up such a cluster is not without its challenges, when deployed successfully IT departments get an environment with unparalleled resilience and reliability.

By leveraging the unique talent and experience from some of the largest Linux deployments in the world, The Linux Foundation has built a new High Availability Linux Architecture course that covers the key components needed to deploy highly available enterprise IT environments on the main Linux distributions (Red Hat/Fedora, Ubuntu/Debian, SUSE/OpenSUSE).

Choose the Right Stack, Reduce Time of Cluster Deployment, Lessen Complexity

The High Availability Linux Architecture for Mission Critical Workloads training course provides key staff with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully engineer, provision, maintain, and administer high-availability clusters to support mission-critical workloads. Heavily focused on mission critical workloads, this High Availability Linux Architecture course uses both lectures and hands-on labs to teach best practices used to meet security and high availability requirements using the latest hardware technologies.

We cover why Linux on industry standard hardware is a viable mission-critical platform, what new features have been implemented and tested, and offer updates on vendor support and services. This four-day Linux training course will walk you through the critical decisions you’ll need to make, help remove complexity, and give you the confidence to build a truly reliable, highly available IT infrastructure. For companies transitioning from legacy systems, we also dive into the important role open source will play in your environments.

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