Student Shares Feedback on Virtual Linux Training

The Linux Foundation offers a variety of ways to get Linux training, including online Linux training courses for those who are not able to travel to a Linux Foundation event or one of our classroom Linux training options.  We recently caught up with embedded systems engineer Adrian Remonda of the FuDePAN Foundation to ask about his experience in the Linux Kernel Internals & Debugging course (LF320).  

1. What challenges were you experiencing that you were hoping the Linux training course would solve?  

"One year ago, I joined a project called RECLAMAMEM. This project involves modifications of the Linux kernel to improve the performance of an existing project. Since we didn’t have much practical experience in this field, our progress on the project was very slow, and most of the existing READMEs only covered theoretical parts." 

2.  Did you consider other Linux training options before eventually deciding to train with the Linux Foundation? And why did you ultimately choose the Linux Foundation?   

"I was considering some other Linux courses, including Red Hat training, but I finally I choose the Linux Foundation because of the virtual class system.  Besides working as a volunteer in FuDePAN, I also work full time in a company, so this was the only way I could adapt my schedule and actually take a course that worked for me. The system was just perfect and in my opinion, it's even better than a traditional classroom."

3.  How did the course help you address the specific challenges you had prior to the course?   

"The course helped a lot. It gave us a good overview of the state of the art kernel debugging methods and tools.  The examples are up-to-date and the material is extremely well organized."

4.   How will the course help you going forward?  Are there things you can do now that you couldn't do before?

"I learned many interesting tools and debugging techniques. It not only helped us to speed up the project, but it also gave us further ideas for other projects.  It also created a new interest for me; I plan to start getting more involved in real-time Linux."

5.   What did you like most about the course?  

"What I liked most is that the class was the fact that it was virtual. It's difficult to get the time to travel. Also, this course is perfect for getting started with kernel hacking. Most of the books are too theoretical and this course was the bridge I needed." 

6.  What was your experience like with the instructor and other students in the course?  

"The instructor was very good and had deep experience in the field.  The other students were very cooperative and it was a friendly environment." 

7.  Would you recommend the Linux Foundation's Linux training to others?  If so, why?

"Yes, I would recommend it because of the flexible course delivery and the superb training materials."



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