Webinar: Reduce Product Lifecycles with Linux and Yocto Project

Linux is increasingly becoming the operating system of choice of many embedded systems developers. They prefer the open source OS over homemade and proprietary solutions for its broad hardware support, large variety of software packages, a virtually endless roster of development tools, availability of source code, absence of royalties and last but not least its "coolness" factor. However, creating and maintaining a Linux operating system software stack is not a trivial task. Developers are facing the question whether they should build their own OS stack from scratch or whether they should tailor an existing Linux distribution to their requirements. Either approach has its advantages and disadvantages and developers may meet challenges that are hard to overcome.

The Yocto Project combines the best of both approaches by providing a complete embedded Linux system development environment allowing engineers to build pre-configured Linux OS stacks from source to image within a few hours from setup. The pre-configured software stacks can easily be modified, adapted, extended or even replaced entirely with custom ones to meet project requirements.

In this webinar, Rudolf Streif, the Linux Foundation's Director of Embedded Solutions, will outline how the Yocto Project helps engineers to tackle the a multitude of common challenges when doing embedded Linux development:

  • Build system and tooling
  • Controlling your Linux operating system stack
  • Maintenance
  • Open source licensing requirements
  • Application development

Whether you are new to embedded Linux system design and considering a Linux-based solution for the first time or you have already collected experience with embedded Linux and are looking for a better approach, this webinar will show you how you can greatly accelerate embedded Linux product development with the Yocto Project.


Webinar Details

  • Audience:  Embedded systems engineers and engineering leaders
  • Date:   Thursday, July 18th, 2013
  • Time:  9am Pacific / Noon Eastern / 1800 CEST




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