Webinar: Growth of Android in Embedded Systems



Accelerate Your Embedded Product Design With Android

Linux has continuously grown in the embedded systems market for over a decade, gaining market share from proprietary operating systems. The proliferation of embedded devices, the explosion of open source development, the inherent hardware support, the incredible networking capabilities and the royalty-free economic model have all helped propel use of the Linux kernel into one of the best choices for the design of new embedded systems.

While the success of Linux in the embedded market can not be denied, its notoriety was once confined to mostly technical professionals. That changed in 2008 with Google's release of the Android mobile phone operating system, based on the Linux kernel. Thus began the tremendous growth of Linux in the consumer world, with over one million Android devices being activated every day in 2012 and predictions of total Android devices shipped reaching one billion in 2013.

In this webinar, Benjamin Zores, Android Platform Architect and Technical Writer, will show embedded systems engineers and engineering leaders how the Android operating system compares to traditional embedded Linux systems.  We'll help you understand whether or not you should start your next product design with Android through an exhaustive introduction to:

  • Android operating system internals
  • Android's complete divergence with embedded Linux systems design
  • The reasons for Android's attraction in the industry
  • Android's under-the-hood flaws and weaknesses


Whether you are new to Android and embedded Linux system design and considering an Android-based solution for the first time or you have already collected experience with embedded Android and are looking for a better approach, this webinar will show you how you can greatly accelerate embedded product development with Android.








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